#39: The rough drafts of those we admire

Folk monster innards, Schrödinger’s mugs, orangutan hobbies, etc. Let’s read stuff!


Lovely Linky Bits

Thoughtful reads and so forth.

 When Our Instincts Are Smarter Than Our Certainty
“But so often we assume too literal a shape for these instincts and pursue them, dumb and determined. I wanted to understand how people stay awake and live in a way that feels in line with some kind of value system, and so I assumed that divinity school was where one learns such things. In part, I was drawn to the prestige of the thing; is there anything more righteous sounding than pursuing a degree in divinity?! I probably would have stood two inches taller every time I said that ostentatious word.”

How Knowledge of Difficulties Lends Confidence
“But there comes a point, when we move from consumers to producers, that we start to pay in heightened currency for our ignorance, the currency of confidence and self-respect. We see our early failures as proof of conclusive ineptness – rather than as the inevitable stages on every path to mastery. Without an accurate developmental map, we can’t position ourselves properly vis-à-vis our defeats. We have not seen enough of the rough drafts of those we admire – and therefore cannot forgive ourselves the horror of our early attempts.”

Why the Secret to Productivity Isn’t Longer Hours
“We think of rest as a negative space defined by absence of work but it’s really much more than that. The counterintuitive discovery is that many of the most restorative kinds of rest are actually active. Things like exercise or walks or serious, engaging hobbies do more for you than sitting on the couch binge-watching television. The more supine kinds of rest certainly have their place but active rest delivers the greatest benefits. It also provides occasion for creative reflection.”

Curiosities & Delights

Some things to be glad about.

Maps of best dumplings and childhood books.
The innards of Japanese folk monsters.
A bit of orangutan DIY.
More than you need to know about avocados
and the history of pickles.
The most accessible ruins of NYC.
Word of the day: librocubicularist.
Oxford’s free critical reasoning course.
Jocelyn K. Glei’s list of focus-friendly music.
Like a little thought experiment with your morning coffee?
Here’s Schrödinger’s mugs.

Moving Pictures

Video treats upon which to press play.

Readings of The Raven.
How Louis CK tells a joke.
The man behind Comic Sans.
The very first speaking machine.
And the delicate beauty of freezing bubbles.