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Yup. That’s my brain.

Yours too?

Something arrives – a thought, an idea, a happening, an interpretation, something that might be a fun project if it was given a chance to breathe.

Then the crowd surges forward.

Push… do this too! Shove… say something now! Squeeze… but what about this and that?


What would you do if there was no urgency?

Sometimes it’s better to wait for the next train. Or ride on the roof.


  1. Absolutely Wonderful!! I think instead of worrying about all that I “should” be doing today, I will go take my dog for a walk and then make breakfast for my son. Thanks for the reminder!!

  2. Urgency is only helpful when it occurs with the flow of experience, and not against it.

    I’m not sure what I mean by that, because I’m still waking up. :)

    I like the idea of riding on top!

  3. What a powerful image! And a useful one for me to realise what I do to my brain sometimes. Ouch! No wonder it decides to shut down once in a while…

  4. As I was watching it I noticed that I was holding my breath and feeling really tight in my shoulders and neck. It was intense. My mind was imagining being there and feeling everyone shoving up against me and having The Guys In White Gloves pushing me to push others. Ugh.

    Now I am breathing again and feeling spacious and grateful. And also thinking about how those people are willing to be pushed and shoved like that because they want to get somewhere else more than they desire to be not-pushed.

    Instead of telling myself those people are crazy…or that situation is crazy. I’m telling myself those people are clear about what they want. They apparently don’t have a problem with the pushing. I do. I prefer not to be pushed like that, so I’m going to start looking for ways that I push myself (and others) and I’m going to see if I can stop. Because, again, I’m the one who has the issue with pushing.

    One place I’ll be starting is that I’m not going to Push myself into the activity (small little train car) of completing projects.

    Thank you and love. xoxo

  5. brilliant!

    what do you think happens when the doors open again?

    Will they all fall out in a big heap, or, will they slowly decompress and have to be pushed back in again…

    I’ll be thinking about that now ;)

  6. Hello from England.
    By some lovely syncronicity, a friend in Japan twittered about the passwords list, you made a wonderfully funny comment about porn names and I ended up here, watching people getting pushed onto the line I used to use in Tokyo (Sobu!).I’m also familar with the fabulous “Unravelling” project.
    A rather literal view of the video clip but all rather charming.
    Very Best Wishes

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