Sway Uncover your curious courage, find the beauty in impermanence, and get a little more friendly with risk.

Sway is a gentle exploration for people who are doing scary things, or who would be doing scary things if those things didn’t feel quite so… scary.

Things like:

* letting go of the familiar to make way for change
* navigating the landscape of love, loss and evolution
* making stuff that matters, and maybe sharing that stuff with others
* standing upright in the world, and making your own way
* showing up as your own fine self, when others might not always understand your kind of fabulosity

Sway rose up out of my own dark night — these are the ponderings that carried me through a time of curl-up-in-the-dark uncertainty, and helped me find a playful, curious courage I didn’t know I had.

Sway is a collection of seven short, gentle, poetic writings.

Each of those pocket-sized writings invites you to tilt your head a little, so you can begin to see safety and uncertainty from new angles.

Here’s what’s inside:

the clawing and the trembling
my own dark night, in which things fall over

a precarious predicament
permission to panic

 crash helmets and such
in which we explore precautions

 the beauty of impermanence
on finding freedom

 what if?
in which crazy-making questions get perfectly sane answers

tender recognition
on compassion, and the shared experience of being on a rock

a meditation of sorts

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