The whisper (a shame reframe)

Uh oh.

You did it again. Or not. Again.

Did it wrong. Did it late. Didn’t.

Our human shame is swiftly triggered and deeply wired.

Primal. Ancient.

And while it might sometimes be useful in an evolutionary, survival-of-species sense, the amplification of such discomfort is of little help much of the time.

How about this, darling monkey: What if you received the pinch as a simple whisper?

A whisper that loves you dearly, and wishes you well.

A whisper to call in support, perhaps. From within or elsewhere.

A gentle reminder that there is yet more goodness in you.

A curious wiggle in the direction of your bestness.

Just a whisper.

Not of doom, but of possibility.

How about that?

One comment

  1. David Ashton

    Lovely! Thanks for the gentle reminder.