#56: Stranger than anything else

Trombones, home brew, bunny smarts, the pursuit of a beautiful soul, etc.



Lovely Linky Bits

Thoughtful reads and so forth.

The Revolutionary Figure of the Beautiful Soul
“At the core of the beautiful soul is the idea that the individual possesses an innate cognitive potential. Subject to the right environmental and educational conditions, this latent potential can be developed to reach a more perfect state of intellect, morality, character and conduct. The beautiful soul is an aesthetic concept focused on developing human capacities and advancing knowledge and culture.”

A First-Hand Account of Autism
“What remains a mystery is how to infer that it’s raining purely from the noise. To me, the sound of rain is an abstract. Identifying the voices of my family or the trill of a phone, the barking of dogs or meowing of cats, these are relatively easy. Some sounds, however, take me forever to figure out, like the chirruping of cicadas at the start of summer. I sense that I’ve heard these sounds before but without further clues their origins remain obscure. Even if I could identify the source of rain-noise, making the jump from the thought It’s raining! to bringing in the laundry would be virtually out of the question. I’d be too occupied just sitting there, entranced.”

Naked Truths: Who Are We Without Clothes?
“Outside the window, the sun began to set. Now we ladies made the right-hand star. As the room spun around me, I felt the very specific solidarity of four women square dancing naked in the canteen of a children’s sleepaway camp. Everything about humans seemed so arbitrary. This week I was here. Next week I might be putting on mascara, or decorating a Christmas tree, or watching a man on TV dunk a ball through a hoop. Nothing seemed stranger than anything else.”

Curiosities & Delights

Some things to be glad about.

Tip of the day: sheep make great wild rabbit taxis in a crisis.
Wooden laptops of yesteryear.
Quirky Singaporean architecture.
Retro gems in the knitting reference library.
Street art by Tom Bob.
Here’s the starving artist simulator.
Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks are online.
Also, the Europeana collections.
And some very old maps.
Plus Jane Austen’s home brew recipe. Kinda.

Moving Pictures

Video treats upon which to press play.

E. Jean Carroll is a magnificent woman.
Spectacular storms.
Humpback whale acrobatics.
Hummingbirds in slow motion.
And the making of India’s trombones.