#53: Pretty mysterious stuff

A lot of time, a lot of alien, badgers, libraries, and leotards.


Lovely Linky Bits

Thoughtful reads and so forth.

Richard Dawkins On Time
“Time is pretty mysterious stuff – almost as elusive and hard to pin down as conscious awareness itself. It seems to flow – ‘like an ever-rolling stream’ – but what is it that does the flowing? We have the feeling that the present is the only instant of time that actually exists. The past is a shadowy memory, the future a vague uncertainty. Physicists don’t see it like that. The present has no privileged status in their equations. Some modern physicists have gone so far as to describe the present as an illusion, a product of the observer’s mind.”

Do We All Need a Little Time
Simply to Sit and Think?

“Feeling disheartened with the modest public debut of pop-up philosophy, I returned to my own thoughts, or tried to. What should I think about, I asked myself. The city? Office workers’ lunch-hour rituals? Financial capitalism? I wondered whether, if I had access to a button that could give me an enlivening electrical jolt, I would push it now? Slowly I drifted into a kind of pleasant nothingness, watching the clouds scud above the buildings. ‘Is this thinking?’ I wondered. When 2pm struck, I stood up, folded my chair, and headed for the tube station.”

Want More Time?
Get Rid of The Easiest Way to Spend It

“Essentially, I had removed the easiest way to spend time from a long list of possibilities, so that all that’s left are activities that require at least a little commitment and resolve. I’m reading more, walking more, socializing more, and working without so much self-prodding. I feel freer than ever to do these things, because there’s no ultra-easy competitor undercutting them. And there’s all this new time.”

Curiosities & Delights

Some things to be glad about.

The topography of tears.
Some very handsome libraries.
A canine photobombing master.
Summer camps for grown-ups.
Are you in need of an 8-foot tall alien sculpture?
How about a bullshit stamp?
Roald Dahl’s late night badger adventures.
Batman knew how to label his gadgets.
The complexities of 19th-century flirtations.
A brief history of the leotard.

Moving Pictures

Video treats upon which to press play.

Beauty found in the cutting of wood.
NASA’s super accurate eclipse map.
The mathematics of piano strings.
Here are some tap dancing noses.
And here’s Green Screen Grandma.