#51: We speak this whistled language

Jupiter is weird, thank goodness. Let’s also enjoy pigeon shoes and an iceberg’s shiny bottom.


Lovely Linky Bits

Thoughtful reads and so forth.

The Beautiful Languages of People Who Talk Like Birds
“To find out, he travelled to Kuskoy – literally, ‘the village of birds’ – which sits in a valley near the Black Sea. Like the people of La Gomera, shepherds whistle messages across the mountain plateau, while fishermen use them to cut through the roar of the river in the valley. Gunturkun still remembers watching a whistled conversation for the first time, as the mayor welcomed him to the village. The experience of hearing something so unlike regular language carry so much meaning ‘was like magic’, he says. Above you can hear a sound clip of a Kuskoy villager saying ‘we speak this whistled language’.”

Any Garden I Love Must Be Wild
“For gardeners wrestling with the brute circumstances of rough earth, weeds, insects, and weather, it is impossible to compete with the images conjured in poetry. Yet these images are largely responsible for shaping our hopes of what gardens might be. Even Keats, whose brother was dying, knew only too well that Arcadia is not possible on any patch of our Earth: gardening, like poetry, offers a brief respite from ‘the fever, and the fret’ but no permanent escape.”

The Gut-Wrenching Process of Befriending Ourselves
“Rather, lovingkindness is a deep knowing that every individual’s life is inextricably interwoven. We all want to be happy, in other words. Keeping this simple adage in mind as a universal, inarguable fact establishes a simple foundation upon which we can really connect with others. When we see each other’s vulnerability as something common, the idea of friendship as something manufactured slips away. Connection becomes something much larger, much less concrete, and much more powerful.”

Curiosities & Delights

Some things to be glad about.

The wonderful weirdness of Jupiter.
Photographs of abandoned places.
A peek at an iceberg’s glossy underbottom.
Kyoto Ohata’s magnificent pigeon shoes.
The quiet satisfaction of symmetrical breakfasts.
Beethoven responds to fan mail.
When logos were physical objects.
All the colours of the cardigans that Mister Rogers wore.
Drones make me twitch, but Dronestagram is beautiful.

Moving Pictures

Video treats upon which to press play.

stone carver’s process.
The writing habits of John Grisham.
The man who made a forest.
The last of the lampists.
And animals drinking water.
(The bees were rescued, you’ll be glad to know.)