#45: Something eternal

Tiny monuments, deep woods, big snow, and the ravioli moon.


Lovely Linky Bits

Thoughtful reads and so forth.

Into the Woods:
How One Man Survived Alone in the Wilderness
for 27 Years

“He kept going, ‘up and up and up’. Soon he reached the shore of Moosehead Lake, the largest in Maine, and the point where the state begins to get truly remote. ‘I drove until I was nearly out of gas. I took a small road. Then a small road off that small road. Then a trail off that.’ He went as far into the wilderness as his vehicle could take him.
Knight parked the car and tossed the keys on the centre console. He had a tent and a backpack but no compass, no map. Without knowing where he was going, with no particular place in mind, he stepped into the trees and walked away.”

The Grays of Our Lives
“Its appeal is its ambiguity. As a color, gray is paradoxically defined by an absence thereof. Achromatic gray exists on a spectrum of pure white to black. The addition of a small proportion of another hue gives chromatic grays their tinge: the greenish gray of the sky just before a storm or the brownish gray of ceramic clay. Perhaps the most compelling thing about gray is that it’s not composed of absolutes — it exists between them. There might be a bluest blue and a reddest red and even a blackest black, but there is no one grayest gray.”

Chuck Berry Goddamn
“The man is telling this story in the backseat of a coffee-colored Toyota Avalon. The car is in an alleyway behind a little club in St. Louis, Missouri. Sixty years ago, on the stages of some other little clubs in St. Louis, all of them gone now, he did go on to invent something eternal, something that didn’t lose energy as it went but instead gained it. He watched it happen so many times. The energy he put out would come back at him a hundredfold. And he watched it spread, to other people, other stages. Eventually it was no longer in his control, and eventually he couldn’t have stopped it even if he’d wanted to.”

Curiosities & Delights

Some things to be glad about.

The ravioli moon.
Seinfeld in oils.
Life after homework.
How to go positive.
A little bit about decision anxiety.
A handy guide to living alone.
Teeny weeny monuments of the world.
This way through the snow.
Hooray for LEGO tape.
And let’s revisit the cult of done manifesto.

Moving Pictures

Video treats upon which to press play.

The giant sequoia’s renewal by fire.
The art of applied origami.
New York City’s  subway opera.
How to practice anything.
And here’s Jason Silva on finding your passion.