#43: Fuzzy splats of happiness

Intricate vegetables, sci-fi swears, DIY coffins, and other curious things.


Lovely Linky Bits

Thoughtful reads and so forth.

From AI to Anxiety Relief, The Brain Needs a Body
“The brain has rightfully been placed as the seat of consciousness. It is certainly the weigh station where all perceptions pass through. Yet in discussion of becoming robots an essential facet of life is missed: consciousness is not only produced by your brain, it is also your nervous system’s response to the environment. In this sense it might be better to think of your entire body as your brain.”

The Coffin Club
“Now, every Wednesday morning, dozens of Rotoruans congregate at the club’s headquarters – a small converted warehouse – to build their own coffins, decorating them any way they wish, usually representing their life’s work, interests and obsessions. One man even put a pocket on the side of his casket for his wallet; he wanted to prove ‘you can take it with you.'”

Our Lady of Strays
“Incredibly, every dog has a name. Everybody’s different, clownish and hilarious: fuzzy splats of happiness, skeletal shells of wincing eagerness, buoyant lumps of grinning muscle, the faltering and the withered, the robust and the dignified, dogs like pieces of frayed rope with legs and head, senatorial dogs like Boris, old and wise and reposed, a seeming mix of corgi and Bernese mountain dog that resembles the 30-pound butt of a half-smoked cigar.”

Curiosities & Delights

Some things to be glad about.

Dinosaurs just keep getting better.
I somehow forgot about PostSecret. It’s still beautiful.
Sci-fi swears to add to your repertoire.
Walden: the video game.
Gaku’s intricate vegetable carvings.
Sabine Herrmann’s plant pillows.
Where to watch the flowers bloom.
Give? Not give? The pope’s thoughts on panhandling.
When the first person is a pebble.
Oh, and Grey Gardens is for sale.

Moving Pictures

Video treats upon which to press play.

hitchhiker’s guide to humanity.
A closer look at animatronic horses.
Here’s some ice music.
The art of the ocularist.
And here is Ivo.

Happening Things

Book releases, courses, and other timely tidbits.

Nothing says 2017 like a Calling Bullshit university class.
And Steve Martin is teaching comedy over at MasterClass.