#40: These are amazing powers

This one has googly eyes, sticky tongues, and the soul of an octopus.


Lovely Linky Bits

Thoughtful reads and so forth.

The Twin Forces of Love and Resistance
“But real love is radical because it cannot be earned or unearned. It is tied to inherent dignity. It is unconquerable because it is dumb in its own way — determined to keep loving no matter what the counter forces, no matter what scarcity small men try to message, no matter what fear they try to sow. It’s blindly trusting, also positioned as stupid in our overly strategic society. It’s inefficient, a sin in our efficiency-obsessed time.”

The Link Between Language and Cognition is a Red Herring
“Now that I think of it, my distrust of language goes even deeper, because I am also unconvinced of its role in the thinking process. I am not sure that I think in words, and I never seem to hear any inner voices. This caused a bit of an embarrassment once at a meeting about the evolution of conscience, when fellow scholars kept referring to an inner voice that tells us what is right and wrong. I am sorry, I said, but I never hear such voices.”

Does An Octopus Have A Soul? This Author Thinks So
“Here is a baggy, boneless body that can pour itself into the tiniest spaces, has venom like a snake, ink like an old fashioned pen, a beak like a parrot, can taste with their skin, and can change color and shape. These are amazing powers. They’re so different from us, but what held my attention and totally mesmerized me was, that despite our differences, it’s possible to have a meeting of the minds with someone like this. It’s possible to have an octopus care about you, to choose your company. That is a real honor.”

Curiosities & Delights

Some things to be glad about.

“Live on from beyond the groove!”
Have your ashes pressed Into vinyl.
Metal albums improved with googly eyes.
Nerves frayed? Here’s a guided hike with an acoustic ecologist.
Limited edition Bowie stamps.
The storybook canals of  Dutch ‘Venice’.
Regarding the stickiness of frog tongues.
Oh, just some pictures of owls.
I apologise for this tiny nude Burt Reynolds.
Some names for things you didn’t know had names.
Free architecture courses.
Austin Kleon’s guardian spirits for notebooks.
And here’s Revue’s directory of splendid newsletters.
(Including this one, so hooray for that!)

Moving Pictures

Video treats upon which to press play.

Humans gathering the courage to jump (or not).
250 years of silvery robo-swan.
The history of paint by numbers.
And the magic capital of the world.