#28: As though creating a home out of mere words

Late bloomers, and plenty of ‘em. Also: living the tiny tugboat dream, and all you need to know about baby sea urchins.



Ponderful pieces and so forth.

The Threshold
“Heather is not brisk or efficient, as nurses in hospitals are. She is purposely inefficient, in fact. Most of the time when she visits patients, she doesn’t have much to do: she takes vital signs, she checks that there are enough supplies and medications in the house, she asks if old symptoms have gone away or new ones developed. If she were rushing, she could do all that in about five minutes, but her visits usually last an hour or more.”

Making House: Notes on Domesticity
“We were both more and less ourselves in that undistinguished space, less burdened but less anchored too; freer and yet unreflected, for nothing there gave us back an image of ourselves. When people visited, I felt the need to offer explanations: I would describe what was going to be done to it and what it would look like, as though creating a home out of mere words, and watch their faces brighten as the vision transferred itself from my head to theirs.”

The Language of the Cockpit is Technical, Obscure – and Irresistibly Romantic
“I like how different the language of the sky is from everyday English – indeed, we might give it its own name, Aeroese (though it’s also sometimes, and less aspirationally, called Aviation English). Above all, I love how Aeroese can somehow manage, in its technical, obscuring precision, to capture the high romance of flight – an aspect of my job, no matter how much I love it, that in the cockpit we rarely have reason to consider directly.”

Curiosities & Delights

Some things to be glad about.

This guy and his tiny tugboat.
Love testers, and other things Nintendo used to make.
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And here’s all of these places.

Moving Pictures

Videos upon which to click play.

Birth of a sea urchin.
Derek Amato’s painfully sudden musical genius.
There’s still plenty of room left in China’s Paris.
And there’s always the How Its Made YouTube channel.