Affiliate Stuff

So, you want to know about affiliate stuff in the Zen at Play newsletter? Fair enough! I’d want to know too.

Commissions help cover the financial costs of having a newsletter, like hosting and MailChimp fees. Sometimes, if I’m very lucky, they might even bring in a few extra dollars for books and… well, mostly just books. I do love books.

The way I earn these mystical commissions is through affiliate links, which you’re likely to find in two places in my newsletters: the artwork at the top, which usually links to the place where you can buy it (Etsy, probably), and in the Supporter Corner section near the bottom.

Please know that every affiliate link is curated with the same love and care as any other link in my letters. These are products and companies that I genuinely like and have faith in. I’d never, ever send you off to some shadowy place just to make a quick dollar – my letter and I much prefer the sunny side of the internet, and we hope you do too.

Benevolent Benefactors

Here are some of the fine companies and makers helping keep the Zen at Play newsletter afloat. (These are, of course, affiliate links.)

Online course smorgasbords like
The Great Courses Plus, Masterclass, and Craftsy.

Pretty much anything Paul Jarvis makes, like
Chimp Essentials, Creative Class, and Grow Your Audience.

And online arty places, like Etsy.

If you ever have any questions about a link I send, please ask. You can reply to any issue of the newsletter and it’ll go straight to my inbox. And if you’ve bought (or plan to buy) something through a link I sent, thank you! You’re helping keep the Zen at Play letters possible.