23 things you might not know about you


When I asked twenty-three wise humans if they’d like to write a love note of encouragement to your glorious self, they said: “Yes please!”

So here it is, my lovely. Just for you. A gathering of wise, gentle nudges to remind you of your magnificence, your sense of possibility, your beauty and your truth.

Your notes come from:
Alexandra Franzen. Amanda Oaks. Chris Guillebeau.
Chris Zydel. Danielle LaPorte. Darrah Parker. Dyana Valentine.
Leonie Dawson. Fabeku Fatunmise. Heidi Fischbach. Hiro Boga.
Jamie Ridler. Jen Louden. Julie Daley. Karen Maezen Miller.
Kylie Springman. Leo Babauta. Marianne Elliott.
Mark Silver. Susannah Conway. Tammy Strobel.
Tara Gentile. Tara Sophia Mohr.

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  3. Oh Lisa, thank you so much for compiling and deep gratitude (and lots of love) to all who contributed. This collection was like one big soulful witnessing…standing in a circle of love and wisdom and encouragement…and being given wings to fly high.
    {love & gratitude!}

  4. Sweet! Would love every self-employed person to take these deeply to heart. (Actually, every person, but those who know me know what I mean.)

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  7. Thank – you! This is so wonderful, it brought tears to my eyes, I am genuinely moved, it is as though a friend gave me a big hug reassuring me.